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Getting Started MSTR Web SDK - Customization Editor

Getting Started With MicroStrategy Web SDK

The first step to take initial contact with MicroStrategy Web SDK you must do something that for sure you have never done before which is install MicroStrategy SDK. 
 (Bad joke)

Install MicroStrategy Web SDK is so easy. You only have to check the sdk option in the MicroStrategy installation process.
To finish follow the installation instructions at end you can find the sdk folder in C:\Program Files\MicroStrategy\SDK

Once you have installed MicroStrategy SDK you have the MicroStrategy Customization Editor, with this tool you can start to customize the MicroStrategy Web.

MicroStrategy Customization Editor

Is an eclipse plugin that allow you customize MicroStrategy Web in a easily and faster way than manually.


MicroStrategy Customization Editor is an eclipse plugin for this reason you have to download eclipse in your computer for this you can access the Eclipse project download page in http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/
Select the option “Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers”.
Once downloading finished you have to unzip and extract in any folder and it’s ready to use.
Navigate to the MicroStrategy SDK installation folder and access the Web Customization Editor plug-in installed inside the tools\WebCustomizationEditor subfolder.

Unzip and extract com.microstrategy.web.sdk.webcustomization.zip to the eclipse subfolder inside your Eclipse installation folder.
This extracts the JAR file,com.microstrategy.web.sdk.webcustomization.jar, into the eclipse\plugins subfolder inside the Eclipse installation folder.

Configuration in eclipse
This topic illustrates how to deploy and configure the Web Customization Editor.
Navigate to the Eclipse installation folder, and double-click on eclipse.exe to launch Eclipse.
·         Launch the Preferences dialog from Window->Preferences and do the following:
·         Click the MicroStrategy preference on the left and make the following settings on the right.
·         In the Application Root field under MicroStrategy location and URL settings, browse to the root folder where MicroStrategy Web is installed. 
·         In the MicroStrategy Web URL field under MicroStrategy location and URL settings, enter the URL for launching MicroStrategy Web.
·         Click Apply.
·         Click OK.
·         Go to Window->Open Perspective->Other, select MicroStrategy Web Customization Editor and click OK.
·         The Web Customization Editor is launched with two views open—Application Settings and CSS Settings. Note that a new MicroStrategy menu is added to the default Eclipse menu.

Note: If you close the Application Settings or the CSS Settings views and need to access them again, go to Window->Show View, and select the appropriate view.

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  1. I have done the below but it is keep asking me the Root Folder and telling me that there is no MicroStrategy.xml

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